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Traffic Junky is online the Ad Broker that provides the banner advertisements for some of the world’s largest Adult tube sites. Traffic Junky uses a CPM model, and makes use of a selfserve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform to deliver traffic to advertisers.
Traffic Junky is a private organization. The team of Traffic Junky provides unique and intelligent approach to online advertising. Traffic junky mainly focused on the Adult Dating, Adult Pay sites, Gambling and Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Sexual Wellness, as well as many other markets.


traffic junky

traffic junky


It allows you to set the price of your own choice, and select the site and Ad placement on which you would like to advertise, helps you to achieve your goals and increase the ROI. More than 55 millions of publishers are attached to the net work of Traffic junky. Real time statistics and user friendly campaign editing tools give you full control over your campaign. Statistics for banner CPM, CTR, impressions, cost, and much more will help indicate which campaigns need optimization.

Traffic junky supports two types of targeting :

• Geo targeting for country and region

• Time targeting for specific time slots.

Note: Traffic junky does not support CPC

Traffic junky Ad Network information :

Commission Type :   CPM, adult, mobile.
Payment Method and Minimum Payout:

PayPal                               $ 25.00
Visa & MasterCard          $100.00
Discover                            $100.00
Wire Transfer                   $1000.00

Contact :

Media inquiries:


Link – TrafficJunky


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